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Baby massage, tummy time and toddler yoga classes

Since 2017, we began offering baby classes starting with baby massage. In 2018-19 toddler yoga was added to the list of classes, followed by tummy time classes in 2020.  In Tip To Toe Classes, the sessions are carefully thought out and designed to focus on the skill taught in that lesson. The needs of each child and family are at the heart of every session. 

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As a teacher, child development is a key factor for me. Every baby or child learns at a different rate and in a different way unique to them. From the day we are born, we are learning, building brain cells, whether that be learning our parents and carers love us, that skin to skin touch is positive and loving, that being on our tummies helps us to roll and crawl or learning how to calm and be still. The variety of classes we offer (online, face to face or recorded masterclasses) are available to support you and your baby as they grow up and learn these skills. 

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We offer a number of different classes. Currently during lockdown, face to face classes are sadly unavailable. However, we are instead offering classes online via Zoom and some online recorded workshops. 



Baby massage has a huge number of benefits to both the baby and the care giver. It’s suitable from 6weeks to pre crawling. Massage at home can be done from birth. 1:1 classes, group classes and special topic classes are all available.  It’s a fantastic way to bond and a great way for babies to learn about positive touch.  It can help babies born prematurely bond and develop with skin to skin and positive touch.  It can help with postnatal depression to develop the bond with baby. 
Baby massage provides parents and carers a toolkit with ways to support their baby with a number of ailments. It helps to ease symptoms of a cold and to relieve colic, wind and constipation. It can help to provide pain relief during teething,  as well as boost the body’s immune system. It can help baby’s nervous and circulatory system.  



Tummy time workshops are a great way for parents to learn a range of ways to provide tummy time for your baby, as well as some ideas for toys that can be used during tummy time. The workshops are online so you can watch them and re-watch them at any time. There are also links to the toys and resources you can use. 



Toddler yoga is based on a story, through which we tell the story with gentle yoga poses and stretches throughout. There’s a little bit of singing and different breathing techniques, followed by some sensory play at the end. Suitable from 18 months (or strong walker) to preschool. 

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I love heuristic play. Open ended play is so important for babies. They learn more about the world by exploring real objects and objects with different textures which allow them to use all their senses around them for investigating objects. Treasure baskets allow babies to self select objects that interest them and explore them in depth, from a sturdy open basket which they can see all the objects in. Treasure baskets can be made in a variety of sizes and on different themes, so get in touch to find your perfect one. There are different examples available if you click below.

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